About Public TV News

Public TV Media is one of the top media channels in Pakistan, which presents the special interviews, latest breaking news, investigative and motivational programs for viewers. It also provides the latest updates, stories, and funny videos, newspaper and broadcasting publishing in Pakistan. In simple words, on Public TV News, we will publish poverty news, politics and government news, news and programs, programs and reports, health and fitness news, PTV Media introduction, media trial, motivation and special awareness, business reports, fraud and crime reports and Islamic reports and programs. And for the easiness of viewers, we have created playlists and categories, so that you can easily find the information in which you interested quickly.

Here is the complete content which we provide to our valuable audience:

1. What we will upload in poverty playlist
In this playlist, we will upload all videos related to poverty. We will also tell you the top stories of poverty in Pakistan that how people become poor. We will also discuss the main causes of poverty, like laziness, ego attitude, and drugs.
We will also tell you about the poverty alleviation steps on both the individual and government level. We have special reports about the steps that government can take to end poverty, like promoting education, starting jobs and minimizing the cost of doing business.

2. What we will upload in News and Programs playlist

In News and Programs, we will mention the latest news related to different issues, like international news, business news and current affairs news. We will also inform you about the political, human rights, and entertainment news.
We will upload all of our videos in the News and Programs section. We will tackle the news from every angle in such a way that we don’t leave anything and provide you the most updated, accurate and unbiased news.

3. What we will upload in Politics and Government playlist

In politics and government, we will mention all the political programs and reports. We will do our analysis on the government and the policies of the government. We will also discuss the steps taken by the government regarding different issues, like poverty, unemployment, lawlessness, Coronavirus etc. Most channels just discuss the problems and don’t give their solutions. We will discuss about the different problems of the government, and what it can do to solve these problems. We will also give a complete plan to the governments on how to tackle the issues of the 21st century.

4. What we will upload in Programs and Reports playlist

In this playlist, we will introduce the latest programs and reports related to different issues, like current affairs, business news, and international news. We will also introduce reports about the top issues, like politics, entertainment, and human rights.
We will upload all our related videos in the Programs and Reports section. We will give you the complete reports about different issues. Our intention won’t be to criticize anyone but to work for the betterment of the society.

5. What we will upload in Health and Fitness playlist

In health and fitness, we will upload the latest news regarding health and fitness. We will introduce all the fitness exercises, like yoga exercises, body building, swimming, running etc. We will also inform you about different diseases and how to get rid of them.
We will also introduce the best and latest news of different medical experts and body building coaches. The body building coaches will discuss the best nutrition, diet and exercises to keep yourself fit and healthy.

6. What we will upload in PTV Media Introduction playlist

In PTV Media introduction, we will introduce our channel to our viewers. We will give you an introduction of our channel and different news and variety of programs for every kind of viewers.

Some top programs which we will show on our channel, include health and fitness programs, politics and government programs, motivational programs, Islamic programs, crime and frauds news. We will make sure that our news and programs are in the best interest of the nation. 7. What we will upload in Media Trial playlist

The media in our country is quite biased. Different channels do media trial of the government, politicians and mafias. Although exposing the corrupt factors in our society is a good thing, the media sometimes crosses every limit just to increase its ratings and viewership.
We believe that the media organizations should also be held accountable for their actions. So, we will introduce programs and analysis to criticize and expose the dark side of media. We will hold the media channels accountable for their actions.

8. What we will upload in Motivational and social awareness news playlist

Everyone needs motivation from time to time to lead a healthy and effective life. So, we will introduce all kind of motivational and social awareness news. We will introduce the best motivational programs and social awareness programs. Some of the top motivational news which we will introduce are, how to succeed in this life and the hereafter, how to live a healthy life, how to help others in life etc. We will also provide social awareness news on different everyday topics.

9. What we will upload in Business Reports playlist

Pakistan needs more businesses, so that more and more people get jobs. So, in this playlist, we will tackle every kind of business reports. We will give you the tips and tricks regarding how to succeed in business life. We will also show special interviews with the top businessmen from around the world. They will discuss their problems of starting business and how to succeed in it. 10. What we will upload in Frauds and Crime Reports playlist

We will introduce special fraud and crime reports in the country. We will make special news about crimes and frauds. We will report the latest criminal cases from all over Pakistan, so that you get to know how criminals work.
We will also inform you about the ratio of frauds and the steps which individuals and governments can take to stop frauds. So, you should watch this playlist to beware of frauds and crimes in Pakistan and take actions to avoid the frauds.
11. What we will upload in Islamic Programs and Reports playlist

Most of the new generation isn’t aware about the golden principles of Islam and the Islamic history. So, we will introduce the Islamic programs and news to make the lives of people better.

Our Islamic programs will also feature special interviews with the Muftis. We will cover every kind of Islamic topic, like fasting problems, Shab-e-Qadr, Prayers, Sunnah, and social issues, like neigbors rights, false promise, and the ongoing economical and political problems in the context of Islam.